Low Impact Buildings

Why choose a Low Impact Building Method

As prices for heating goes ever up, more and more people are turning to products that can help them reduce the amount of energy they consume. Lowering your energy use is the most important thing you can do to reduce yout impact on the environment, however, many people insulate their properies with products that have a high cost to the environment during manufacturing. As well as their high impact on the environment during production, transport and storage only add to their impact. A further concern with these products is their use of potentially harmfull chemicals. Straw bales are a unique building product because not only are they usually locally sourced, they are in essence a waste product from the production of food crops. Unlike most other sustainable insulation, straw bales can also be used as a structural and insulating product at the same time. If your aim is to build a low impact building, it is hard to think of anything that comes close to straw bales.

Sustainable Building Materials

As we become more aware of our environment and the impact we have on it we are developing more uses for things we may have previously thrown away. Some products like straw bales can be used in their raw state and therefore have very little impact on the environment, other products like recyled newspaper, sheeps wool, recycled plasics or car tyres among others, are important resources which we must reuse, however they all need to be further processed to turn them into new usable products suitable to use in a modern building. So as you can see not all sustainable products are equal, if you want to be as low impact as you can you must take into account what goes into recycling and redistributing these products. Keep it local and you will be doing your bit to save the planet.
Carbon Footprint

Everything has a carbon footprint, crops need to be planted, fertilised, harvested, transported etc.